Selenite Crystal Ball 1.5"

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Selenite Crystal Ball | Small Polished Sphere | Scrying Divination Tool. Place this unique crystal sphere in your home to ward off negative energy.


These selenite spheres are perfect to use at home or in the office. Selenite is an energy transmitter, especially when used during a Reiki or energy healing practice. Use during meditation or prayer to encourage the flow of good vibes that you send and receive. This stone will also bring you comfort and security in moments of despair and can even help to calm anxiety. This crystal is also incredibly effective in protecting the energy of a room or home. Placing Selenite at all 4 corners of a room or your home is said to help with keeping the vibrations high and to ward off negativity.

Chakra: Crown

1 small polished, smooth selenite sphere.
*NOTE: Each stone is slightly unique and chosen for you based on intuitive guidance.