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Are you ready to take a step further on your path? Auragami offers a combined Clairvoyant Aura Reading:Healing session to heal your spirit. A healing helps you release negative energies, collect up your own energy, and get your energy flowing. These healings focus on your aura and chakras. We work with our spirit guide especially trained to do spiritual healings and remove energy cords, repair the aura and chakras, and perform cellular healings.  (There is no physical touching in this healing.)

After your aura healing, we will start your clairvoyant reading. You can choose from two different formats:

Option 1 ~ Aura Reading: This is a comprehensive reading where we read your past lives, your current stage of growth, all 7 layers of your aura and lastly we will take a look at your next step vibration.

Option 2 ~ Energetic Spaces Reading: This is a comprehensive reading where we read your past lives, your current stage of growth, and then you can choose a specialized reading topic. We can read up to 3 topics if time permits. This is a customized reading based on your choice of topic you would like us to take a look at. Topics to choose from range from: Tarot, Past Life, Palm, Love Life, Money, Career, Spirit Guide, Family, Aura and/or any specific question or space you'd like us to take a look at. (More info below on topics)

Our goal during these clairvoyant readings is to communicate with you as spirit so that you may gain awareness and release energy that is not serving you which will allow your energy to flow. Opening the your energetic flow so that you may experience, discover, and/or validate your own gifts and unlock your spiritual abilities promoting the health, happiness, welfare and the freedom of being present and in your body.

 In closing the appointment, we will take one aura portrait commemorating the healing, validation & spiritual "hello" you received during your session. 

Some topics we can take a look at:

Astral Travel: Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? What happens when you dream?

Aura: Your aura is a reflection of your creativity. What areas of your life are you creating growth?

Baby Spirit: What are your spiritual agreements with your future children? Are you creating your own family? Get communication about the spirit that will become your child.

Birth: How is the energy set for the birth of your child?  Let's get this off to a great start!

Career: How are you expressing who you are in your job and career? What is your next step in creating your full potential?

Family Agreement: Every wonder why you picked your family? Learn about your spiritual agreements with your parents and your siblings. What spiritual lessons have you sought to learn by being born into your family?

Female Energy: Female energy is one of the most powerful energies on the planet. How are you using your power?

Future: Your future is a result of your present time decisions. How are you directing your energy to manifest your goals?

Health/Wellness: You heal yourself. What is your unique vibration of vitality, health and wellness in your body? Take a step in your communication with your body. Validate and reset your vibration of Health and Wellness. How is your growth in learning to create and heal your body?

Kundalini: How are you running this dynamic healing force in your body?

Love Life: How do you use your energy for your love life? What is your color that attracts your soulmate?

Masculine Energy: How do you use your masculine energy? Are you tapping into this energy to create?

Money: What are some money agreements that are working or not working for you? How can you create more of it and maybe enjoy it?

Next Step: Get a reading on your spiritual path. Where are you? Where are you going? What's your next step?

Past Life: You have been here before! What past life abilities are you using today? Are there any past life connections to present time friends or associates? 

Relationship: How do you create your relationships? What's your next step? Is that other person interested in you?

Self Image: Are the mental pictures you have of yourself allowing you to grow? Take a step in creating the new you!

Spirit Guide: What do your guides look like? What kinds of information are you drawing from them?

Tarot: What do the cards tell about you today? This is a clairvoyant tarot card reading. 

Trance Medium: Do other spirits influence your life? Not feeling like yourself today? Are you using this ability or is it using you?

Women's Creativity: Get a special "Hello" as a spirit in a female body. These readings are specially designed to recognize the steps you are creating as a female.

**Aura Healings+Readings can be booked by appointment only. This is a private 90 minute session @ $225. In-Person appointments include 1 Aura Portrait and are held at our Chinatown Studio. Remote readings are via Zoom.


Please contact if you need an appointment time that is not listed here, if you would like to book multiple people or if you have any other questions.