Love Starts With You

While Hallmark may have you believe that this month is all about flowers, candy and romantic relationships, Auragami is flipping those conventions on their head by using February to focus on simple strategies of self-love. Instead of turning to partners, friends and family for affirmation this month, we’re challenging you to look within yourself for ways to bolster your own emotional wellness and grow on every level.
You may be familiar with the phrase “self-love,” or others like “self-care,” but what does it really mean in terms of your daily life? Self-love can manifest in the smallest of actions, like making time to get your hair cut or take a bath; or in major, earth-moving ways, like breaking away from a toxic relationship. Self-love shouldn’t be confused with selfishness; in fact, it’s the opposite. After all, we must first take care of ourselves in order to better take care of others.
It can be overwhelming to figure out a place to start, but don’t worry, Auragami is here to help. We’ve compiled a few, simple tactics for self-love that you can start today! So take a deep, cleansing breath and read on.
1. Foster relationships that nourish you. Break free from personal and professional partnerships that are an energy suck. Pursue those that lift you up, treat you with mutual respect, and help foster happiness and optimism.
2. Do what makes you happy and gives your life meaning. Sounds easy enough, right? But you’d be surprised at how often we get stuck in a rut – repeating actions out of habit instead of enjoyment. This month, take a step back and figure out what truly gives you joy and fulfillment.
3. Set boundaries and stick to them. We’re all guilty of going above-and-beyond the call of duty. Work asks you to come in on the weekend? You say yes to be agreeable! A family member needs a favor? They call you! Setting boundaries to preserve your own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is crucial to self-love. Start by setting one new boundary and build from there!
Need a little more? You can always join us for one our incredible meditation or wellness workshops. Auragami’s monthly series, Self Love Lessons, co-hosted with LoveMade, will help guide you on your journey towards greater self-love. Self Love Lessons is a night of breakthroughs led by leadership and energy coaches, whose guidance focuses on helping women increase their capacity to receive love via connection with themselves and each other. Not only do we create a safe space free of judgement, but you’ll also be able to mingle and meet over nourishing bites and free gifts.
Join us next month for a truly inspiring evening, and consider it your first new act of self-love.
AURAGAMI is a women-owned company that uses a special camera to capture individuals’ energy – or vibe – in a photograph. The Aura Camera uses the electromagnetic field that surrounds people to create striking, color-soaked portraits. Each aura photo – as well as the variety of interacting colors it displays – provides crucial insight to each person’s unique self.