Pet Wellness Day, April 28th @ Auragami

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We are super excited to announce our first Pet Wellness Day at ROW DTLA Saturday, April 28th! What better way to show your animal bestie that you appreciate them? We will be offering aura healings, aura portraits, and clairvoyant readings. 


With each ticket purchase (good for one pet), your pet will enjoy a 10 minute aura healing with our beautiful Aura Healer Genevieve Leiding, a 10 minute Pet Relationship Aura Portrait with your pet and Color Interpretation, and a 10 minute clairvoyant Spiritual Hello reading with our magical intuitive Nicole Granati.

Saturday, April 28th we will be at Auragami in Downtown LA. 

  • When:
    • Saturday, April 28th | 11am-4:30pm
  • Where: ROW DTLA, 777 South Alameda St., Bldg 1, Suite 136 Los Angeles 90021
  • **We are located next door to Cafe Dulce with Bender Flow. (adjacent to parking structure elevators.)


Each purchase includes:

  • One - 10 minute Aura Healing (read more below)
  • One polaroid film portrait of you and your pet's relationship aura. Which also comes with a color guide informational card with keywords on each color's meanings and a color interpretation reading of your colors
  • One - 10 minute Spiritual Hello Clairvoyant Reading

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time and check in with our hostess when you arrive. Anyone running more than 5 min past their appointment time will be placed in a queue. We will do our best to reschedule and fit you in at the next available time. Please allow up to 40 minutes for all the services to be performed. 

  • Please bring your pet in a carrier or on a leash.

DISCLAIMER: Auragami loves and welcomes all walks of life; however, we do ask that each pet owner uses their own discretion when participating in this event. Please be mindful that there will be other animals around. Please be mindful that if an animal is under stress, it would be difficult to photograph, heal and read, and in general we would never want to put any animal through that! You know your pet better than anyone, if they can’t handle being around other animals in a business establishment, then please do not book and appointment and email us directly for other potential options. 



During an Aura Healing, your healer will work on healing your spirit and in turn, the spirit will heal the body. The healer communicates and works with a spirit guide especially trained to do spiritual healings. A healing helps you release negative energies, collect up your own energy, and get it flowing. These healings focus on repairing and cleansing your aura and chakras, removing energy cords, and perform cellular healings.


Have you ever wondered what your energy looks like? Aura photography is an easy yet magical way to bring awareness to the electromagnetic energy (vibes) you’re putting out there and how you are currently creating for yourself. This tool can open the doors to self-enlightenment and self-discovery with further research. We encourage you to delve in and explore about your energy!


Receiving a spiritual hello can help your energy flow and heal you. When someone gives you a true, non-judgmental hello, they are  giving you a spiritual hello. That person is saying hello to the true you, and that can be a beautiful feeling, and a healing for you. You are welcomed and included, you are being seen. You’re being acknowledged for existing as you are right here and now, and for having value. A spiritual hello can also help remind you of who you are.


Auragami is located at:
777 South Alameda St., Bldg 1, Suite 136
Los Angeles, CA 90021