Encinitas, Saturday, September 23rd @ High Vibes in Health

Encinitas, Saturday, September 23rd @ High Vibes in Health

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✨✨✨ ENCINITAS, CA  ✨✨✨

We are so excited to be participating in an AMAZING day of WELLNESS and popping up at the the most amazing spa! @fourmoonsspa. Come and experience what is happening in the wellness space from ancient traditions to cutting edge technologies!

Listen to sought after speakers and participate in break out sessions or relax out in the chill lounge. It will be a fun and fact filled day dedicated to raising our vibration and working towards optimum health. (details below)


~Day of Wellness ~

Saturday, September 23rd we will be at FOUR MOONS SPA in Encinitas, CA!

  • Saturday, September 23rd from 9am - 5pm
  • This is a full day of wellness and activities.
  • Purchase of your ticket will include an aura photograph and reading. 
  • Tickets include one on one  and group sessions (see below)


    • Aura Photography by Auragami
    • Tincture Station
    • Vibe Bar by Body Vibes
    • Lotus Love Chill Lounge
    • Tapping & Healing Sessions
    • Spirit Readings
    • Medical Medium Readings
    • Soul Journey
    • Breath Work
    • Acupuncture
    • Color Circle
    • Energy Healing
    • Thought Therapy
    • and more...

    Speakers from NY to CA:

    • Elissa Goodman
    • Paul Mills PhD
    • Tiffany Barsotti
    • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
    • Dr. Amy Chadwick
    • Body Vibes - Madison De Clercq
    • Shannon Aganza
    • Katie Brauer
    • Michael Mastro
    • Thorpe Institute

    Each Attendee Will Receive:

    • Personalized Flower Essense
    • Body Vibe Stickers (2)
    • Aura Photo
    • Coffee/Tea from Leap Coffee
    • Lunch and Snacks from Beaming


    For this event, we will only be photographing individual portraits (no relationship, couples, or family portraits). Upon arrival, please visit our station and book your appointment with us. Appointments are taken on a first come first serve basis. One portrait per appointment. 

    Each appointment includes:

    • One polaroid film portrait of you and your aura
    • A color guide informational card with keywords on each color's meanings.
    • A color interpretation of your colors
    • An amazing unique experience!

    Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time and check in with our hostess when you arrive. Anyone running more than 5 min past their appointment time will be placed in a queue. We will do our best to reschedule and fit you in at the next available time.

    Four Moons Spa is located at:
    775 N Vulcan Ave
    Encinitas, CA 92024